AI Emotion Recognition

Created with love from AI Camp @ Stanford StartX.
An AI project made by high school students.

Watch Our Demo

This is an initial prototype of our detection model where we only tested two emotions: happy and neutral. Since then, our model can predict happy, neutral, surprised, and angry very well! 

Meet the Team

Beatrice Mihalache

Student at Los Gatos High School
 Beatrice enjoys the quick-paced learning style of AI Camp. She contributed to our data extraction and website frontend.


Aryansh Chikkere

Student at American High School
Ari enjoys studying Physics and improving code. He built the initial backend of this website.

Let it be as it should!"

Thomas Chen

Student at Irvington High School
Thomas enjoys experimenting with code. He created a script to retrieve data from Bing and wrote the website HTML.

Screw it!"

Clement Ou

Student at Gunn High School
Clement enjoys writing scripts and coding. He trained a neural network by using a deep learning instance in AWS.


Muti Shuman

Student at Junipero Serra High School
Muti enjoys playing basketball. He built scripts to capture data using OpenCV and prepared data for training.

Seven foot coder!"

Michael Zhang

Michael ran data teams at Blend Labs and Grab. He enjoys fishing and inspiring the next generation of students.

Let's build a fish detector!"

Ying Jiang

Ying is a Lead Data Scientist at Ericsson. She is passionate in education, data analysis, and continuous learning.

Confusion matrix is not confusing!"

Our Work

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